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But because of the existence of this logo, the price of the whole bag soared from the original 5 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. In summer, everyone used to see the kind of slippers made of transparent plastic at street stalls. This kind of transparent plastic slippers are fashionable in appearance. However, the feeling of the foot is not very good after wearing it on the foot, and the price of this plastic slipper on the stall will not exceed 15 yuan. However, in the hands of Chanel designers, it has become a unique new design of the brand. After putting the Chanel brand logo on this pair of shoes, the price of the shoes kept rising and suddenly became plastic slippers that no one could afford.

Gray shirt and trousers is a very versatile product, with a pair of red flat slippers, the slimming effect of shirt pants is there, and the ankles show a little thigh, which is very good-looking. Trousers are single-breasted and can be matched with shirts, trousers and bags. It works better with bags, exposed shoes and hem lace.

Keep the indoor environment of the business premises clean and hygienic, clean and disinfect regularly every day, and make a good record of cleaning and disinfection. It is recommended to disinfect at least 2 times a day and record it, and the number of disinfection can be increased appropriately according to the increase in passenger flow. Public goods, including towels and slippers, must be strictly disinfected. The public areas of swimming venues, changing rooms, bathrooms and other public areas should be fully disinfected and recorded more than twice a day. Bathrooms (equipped with hand sanitizer, hand disinfectant) and garbage cans should be strongly disinfected, and the frequency of disinfection should be increased appropriately.

travel bag organizer shoes and slippers

A white-gray suit is worn on the body, advanced and comfortable, a white-gray coat with a light khaki fashion shirt, the whole shape shows the minimalist style, the lower body is the same white-gray casual pants, a pair of slippers on the feet, carry a delicate bag, the whole styling workplace style.

At noon on April 13, the reporter came to a brand store in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, where cotton slippers were provided in the fitting room, and the staff admitted that they would not be disinfected at ordinary times. When the reporter asked “what if the slippers have beriberi”, the staff said: “you can not wear slippers.”

(1) personal belongings, such as slippers, towels and foot basins, which are more private, should not be shared with others to prevent infection. The socks of patients with tinea pedis should be washed and put separately from other clothes;

travel bag organizer shoes and slippers

2. Ensure that the indoor and outdoor environment is hygienic and clean. Use towels, slippers, cups and bed linen to strictly implement the one-for-one disinfection system. Wash and disinfect articles regularly every day. Keep the linen room and cup room in strict accordance with the relevant hygiene regulations. Do a good job in garbage sorting, garbage cans are covered and sealed, and garbage should be cleared and transported in time. Public areas are equipped with hand-washing facilities.

It must be unexpected that slippers, which have always been considered rustic, will one day become a popular trend! But remember the slippers here are not the same as usual, but fashion slippers, vamps with some exquisite decoration, fashionable and exquisite. In addition, this year, there is a very popular slippers, that is, cloud slippers, silicone material, soft and stylish, wear as if stepping on cotton, very comfortable, the pursuit of comfort girls must buy a pair.

6. In terms of cleaning, towels, slippers and bedding strictly implement the one-for-one disinfection system. Keep the linen room clean and tidy, and the cleaning and disinfection of linen, tableware, cups and cleaning tools shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant hygiene regulations. As far as possible in the room equipped with germicidal hand sanitizer, toilet paper. Be more patient and careful, and be mentally prepared when you are allowed to open a business, the civilian host must pay attention to adjust his mental state when he starts his business. Affected by the epidemic, every lodger has suffered large or small losses. At this time, the majority of residential landlords should cheer up and do a good job in details, first adapt to the model of piecemeal booking, in order to meet the order outbreak after the epidemic.

travel bag organizer shoes and slippers

Another reason is caused by cross-infection, such as sharing slippers, sharing a bathtub, sharing a foot basin, sharing towels for washing feet, or swimming in a swimming pool.

1) homogenization category: users think that the products of the same category are basically similar, there is no big difference in function and quality, and those who are unwilling to pay for the brand premium pay more attention to the ratio of performance to price when buying. For example: washbasin, socks, towels, slippers, etc.;