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Finally, the couple can prepare some necessities for pregnant women and their babies in advance, such as toiletries for pregnant women, disposable underwear, front button underwear, disposable hip pads, toilet paper for pregnant women, milk suction and so on. Baby special towels, wet towels, diapers, milk bottles, milk powder, spoons, gauze, small clothes and so on.

(2) supplement sunscreen according to the instructions of the label. Wiping your body with a towel after swimming also removes the sunscreen products and reduces the effectiveness of sunscreen. After wiping your body with a towel, you must replenish the goods sold by sunscreen. Specific age and skin care needs and then targeted to choose the corresponding series.

The inspection team examined on the spot the “three rooms and one district” set up by the epidemic prevention and control institute in our park, the health bulletin column and nutritional recipes of the kindergarten, and examined in detail the written materials such as the emergency disposal plan of the kindergarten, the reporting process of the epidemic, the records of early morning and afternoon examination, the registration of children absent from work due to illness, the physical examination and vaccination examination of young children, and the nucleic acid test results of teaching staff returning to work. Then, Mr. Xiao in the health care room reported in detail to the expert group on the work of morning inspection, disinfection and ventilation in class, diet and drinking water hygiene for children, use of water cups and towels for children, and regular cleaning and disinfection of toys, books and bedding to the expert group.

The general conservative treatments are hot water shower, local closure, physiotherapy and cervical traction. For a large number of patients, if they only feel sore neck and shoulder, pain and stiff neck, they can take a hot shower to relieve the symptoms, or use hot towels and hot water bags for local external application.

During the activity, workers received drinks, cool oil, essential oil, soap, watermelons, towels and other cooling items to relieve summer heat. Zhang Yuzheng, general manager of high-tech environmental protection, said that it is now in a critical period for the review of health cities across the country, and we sanitation workers will certainly live up to the expectations of our leaders and, as always, do a good job in environmental sanitation work, so that the review of health cities will come to a perfect end.

Hotan glass-lined thermometer set maintenance should strictly prevent metal and hard materials from falling into the tank is the production of enamel mixer glass-lined mixer, size specifications, can be customized various sizes of non-standard enamel mixer glass-lined mixer, production and before strict testing, no conductive holes, enhance the service life of the mixer. In order for the enamel reaction tank to work normally, we need to take the following anti-freezing measures: the enamel reaction tank is bundled with warm material for outdoor and indoor water pipes, and then wrapped with a layer of waterproof material to prevent it from being frozen. if the faucet and water pipe are frozen, you can bake it by yourself with electric hair dryer, or slowly drench it with warm water after wrapped with towels, and at the same time, the hard object can hit the water pipe quietly until the freezing in the pipe melts. The tap water flowed smoothly.

In fact, before feeding the baby, there needs to be a step to clean the nipple, so when cleaning, the mother only needs to wipe it with a warm water towel.

Toothpaste, toothbrushes and towels for washing; soap and shampoo for bathing can be bought after Thailand. Convenience stores and supermarkets can fully meet your needs, of course, if you can bring portable clothes.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust in the car (car dashboard, seat gap and blanket) from top to bottom, throw away the soot and dirt in the ashtray and cushion the cushion. Then scrub the laminated glass with semi-wet cotton towels and polished towels, and wipe the rims and the bottom of the car with semi-wet cotton towels (the pure cotton towels for cleaning the interior and laminated glass should be separated from the pure cotton towels for scrubbing the door frame, body bottom and rims).

Barbecue oven: it is best to choose one that can be folded and easy to carry; charcoal: choose good quality carbon, no smoke, no open fire, suitable for barbecue; lighter, newspaper: help light charcoal; fan: help regulate heat; charcoal clip: used to hold charcoal, scalding and sanitary; barbecue net: barbecue fine materials or fragile food, such as Flammulina velutipes; barbecue fork: mainly used for roasting meat, such as chicken wings Barbecue stick: put the food on the barbecue stick in advance, the barbecue is convenient and clean; tin foil: spread on the grill, the ingredients on the tin foil barbecue; brush: at least 2, a brush oil, a brush sauce; knife: used to make a small cut of meat, easy to cook; clip: turn the food during the barbecue; tableware: plates, chopsticks or forks, paper cups, preferably disposable Picnic mat, small bench: sit around the barbecue, clean and comfortable; paper towels, garbage bags: used for cleaning.