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crescent bags, kink handbag s and armpit bags are all

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2 the style of choosing the right bag is related to your style. We have all shared the eight styles which are suitable for the bag. You can click on the collection of bags to read. Fashion people, for example, can keep up with the trend, and now popular crescent bags, kink handbags and armpit bags are all fine.

Brown calfskin trimming not only makes the handbag more antique, but also provides more options for those who love triumph. At present, the triumphant embroidery series has two kinds of embroidery colors red and brown. The outline of the handbag includes a practical horizontal cabin, and the classic Boston bag is an essential camera bag handbag chain that the petty bourgeoisie can lock in immediately. In fact, this is the most popular Celine bag recently, but it also attracts a lot of attention during recycling, followed by a semicircular backpack. Now Hedi has added new members to the 16 series again in the early autumn series! Keep the outline streamlined and locked, and replace the short handle with a long belt that can be carried by the hand or shoulder. With its super capacity and three colors of soft calfskin green, it will undoubtedly provide more styles for going out or even going to work.

The most practical style is undoubtedly the cartoon bag. All kinds of animal-shaped bags, the small size is more dynamic and playful, and the matching style does not need to be limited to the lovely style at all. Even in more capable styles, bags can be used to create a stylish personality. Guan Zhilin paired a cartoon dog bag to make the large black handbag look much cuter.

crescent bags, kink handbag s and armpit bags are all

From the selection of leather to the final quality control stage, the bag process of LV requires a total of 350 different processes. First of all, each piece of leather must be polished with agate twice a day to form a perfectly smooth glazed surface. The second is the special leather tanning process from 6 to 10 tons, which is timed according to the characteristics and size of the leather, followed by the leather surface coloring, nourishing and polishing process, and then the handbag sewing stage. Selecting special leather suitable for package payment is the most time-consuming and challenging. In order to achieve the perfect dyeing formula, an average of 15 different experiments were carried out to obtain the ideal smoke color needed by the LV design team. Each piece of leather is carefully selected to connect the stripes on the edges of each handbag and to ensure that all surface colors match the gloss.

She wore a bright red dress and a pure white Magrit handbag with a strong sense of contrast, and the color of the bag echoed high heels.

Hip skirt collocation skills generally include hip skirt, umbrella skirt, pleated skirt, elastic skirt, wide-leg pants, bubble sleeve clothes + Martin boots; hip skirt is a skirt that everyone often wears, especially suitable for early autumn, and hip skirt collocation is the same, half-body skirt plus handbag, this collocation can better reflect the taste of casual women, whether it is to do the lower body or a handbag on the back, are very good-looking, easy and simple;

crescent bags, kink handbag s and armpit bags are all

Women who know how to shape a sense of refinement are often worth using bags to match. Handbags, shoulder bags and satchels can all echo perfectly with overcoats, and even the same color of shoes can be used to improve the sense of coordination of wearing. The style of the bag can not be too exaggerated, the size is appropriate and the style is simple and atmospheric, which can better set off the wearing advantage of the overcoat. If you want to look more stunning and stylish without showing your legs, the choice of a bag is also a key condition.