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stains can be wiped with semi-dry non-dripping towel s with detergent, about

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The second brother opened his eyes and got up to collect the piano. After taking the piano, he began to take the bag and collect the towels. He halfway stopped and asked, “Mom, when I swim tomorrow, what about my swimming shorts still in the washing machine?”

Pay attention to personal eye hygiene, wash hands frequently, do not rub eyes with hands; patients pay attention to washbasins, towels and other sanitary ware should be separated from others to avoid cross-infection; try not to go to public places during the onset of the disease, such as swimming pools; one bottle of eyedrops is forbidden to use each other, the left and right eyes should be used separately, the mouth of the eye drops bottle should not touch the eyes or eyelashes; wash hands after contact with the sick eyes.

Strict management of bathing places. When entering the bathing place, customers must strictly implement temperature measurement, health code and itinerary code, and wear masks when staff, customers go in and out and customers wait in line. The site strictly implements the norms for epidemic prevention and control. Strictly control the number of people entering the store and adopt reservation service as far as possible to avoid crowd gathering. Strictly implement the disinfection system of towels, bathrobes, clothes, slippers and linen. Preventive environmental disinfection should be carried out every day, and public appliances should be disinfected in time when they are contaminated. Close all mahjong rooms, chess and card rooms, cinemas and other leisure and entertainment places in the bath place.

Patients with psoriasis had better take a bath, it is best to keep the water temperature at 35 ℃ ~ 37 ℃, the time should not exceed 15 minutes, and conditions can be maintained once a day; in the process of taking a bath, you should pay attention to the strength of rubbing should not be too big, do not rub hard, it is best to choose soft and breathable towels.

The third circle, mainly including towels and toothbrushes, aims to reduce the uncertainty brought by technology companies by investing in products with more stable demand.

First of all, the handmade carpet is knotted by hand one by one, strong and practical is one of its major features, so get a handmade carpet, rest assured to use it, remove dust regularly, accidentally stick stains can be wiped with semi-dry non-dripping towels with detergent, about 3 years can go to professional cleaning institutions to clean, will be intact as before. The handmade carpet purchased in Yuxiang provides free cleaning service for life.