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rub it with a dry towel , which is undoubtedly very serious damage to the

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Let the child remember that when you find a fire, you should quickly notify the surrounding adults or call 119; when the fire is relatively small, quickly put it out with water; cover your mouth and nose with wet towels or clothes for the first time and escape through the safe passage.

rub it with a dry towel , which is undoubtedly very serious damage to the

3. Room service ①: timely house cleaning; timely rounds and check-out; ② smell / smoke / sewer smell check in advance; ③ room hot water / air conditioning / TV signal, button, whether normal, no failure; ④ consumables are prepared in advance; ⑤ forbids four towels (towels / bath towels / floor towels / towels) to clean the room, and will be fired immediately if found. ⑥ has 20L trash bins on each floor in case the garbage bags are not enough for takeout. Avoid puncturing garbage bags; bottled water / coffee / paper / tea bags in ⑦ rooms are mended in time, and bottled water is available in special rooms; ⑧ always follow up the requirements of the front desk to clean the room; bottled water / paper bags in ⑨ rooms are mended in time, bottled water is available in special rooms; ⑩ VIP and gold card customers: welcome fruit plates are prepared in advance. Prepare the replacement of new linen in advance, remove the preparation of the team, respond to the management concentrated rush to the room, the implementation of free rounds to buy time.

Domestic towels will never be made of black cotton, we can rest assured to use, with the upgrading of the industry in recent years. No one has bought slightly worse towels, and the quality of towels sold to China is getting better and better. Whether this gust of wind comes, it will be better to check more product quality. when this is over, slightly worse products will be eliminated by the market in the future, and our industry will become better and better. As a practitioner, I am glad to see such an industrial upgrade. I also hope that everyone will not have too much misunderstanding about our towel industry.

Strong friction to the hair when wet hair: when the hair is not dry, when the hair is fragile and easy to break, rub or comb through the knotted hair with a comb, and then rub it with a dry towel, which is undoubtedly very serious damage to the hair. Hair loss is inevitable, so before the hair is dry, reduce the number of combing hair, after taking a bath, use a soft towel to dry the hair.

rub it with a dry towel , which is undoubtedly very serious damage to the

I continued to stare at everything at home, and after that, Zhang Xin continued to clean up everything about me at home, including cosmetics, towels and even water cups, all of which were thrown into the dustbin.

Because most of the bathrooms are convenient inside, and the bathroom is also a wet place at home, some bacteria can easily breed in such an environment; in this way, the toothbrushes and towels we use are also very unsanitary, and you should often clean these places, accidentally bringing bacteria to our toothbrushes and towels.

Want to have a summer bag? Instead, Saint Laurent changed its original “RiveGauche” bag to a towel cloth suitable for going straight to the beach, with a strong contrast between black and white. The profile of the big bag makes it possible for girls who want to rush to the beach in summer to stuff everything into it without facing the dilemma of big bags and small bags.