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fancy to a white handbag with tassels. Let

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But if you are not obsessed with the “four King Kong” or popular bags and handbags, you can also find some bags worth starting with within the 4W budget. The editor has already helped you dish out these handbags. Which one do you like? get started!

There are many kinds of bags, including shoulder bags, slung bags, handbags, chain bags, but the only ones that can be concave and practical are Todd bags. Today, this article is to recommend these 40 big brand Todd bags that are worth starting with in this hot summer. Let you love your heart!

Cathay Pacific Jinbi seldom shows off its wealth! Wearing a suit and carrying a bag worth 1.7 million yuan, she has the aura of a female president; she is very knowledgeable about bags and has different styles of designer handbags. The design is unique and novel, and many of them are unique styles. To say that you are rich is stubborn. You can have any style of bag you want.

fancy to a white handbag with tassels. Let

In fact, no matter what style of clothes with bags, if you want to feel cool, choose a belt bag with a stronger sense of fashion; if you want to be fresh and stylish, choose a chain bag; but if you want a strong sense of professionalism, choose a handbag with a higher texture.

I went to a bag store and took a fancy to a white handbag with tassels. Let the cupboard sister take it out and try it, and it feels good. When I was about to pay, I was interrupted by Xu Ya.

After the decoration and collocation of the “goddess”, the ordinary handbags turned the originally lifeless sacks into colorful works of art. There are lifelike small animals, lifelike flowers, vivid cartoon characters. Everyone enjoyed it and gave the bag richer charm with their own creativity and wisdom.

fancy to a white handbag with tassels. Let

Another survey pointed out that in 2018, the average price of luxury goods in South Korea was 14% higher than the international average price, while sales continued to rise. South Korean women between the ages of 25 and 55 almost have a brand-name handbag, which means that middle-and high-income women are becoming the mainstay of luxury consumption in South Korea.

Since 1905, the rich began to buy cars as a means of transportation. Before that, cars were bought and collected only because of their “novelty”. Those who can afford an early convertible must protect their hair, eyes and clothes with specific clothes. They wear huge dustproof trench coats, veiled hats, special long gloves and goggles to ward off the dust from the roads. Dunhill designed leather travel suits for women in 1901, and Louis Vuitton customized a luxury leather suitcase for fashionable girls that was designed to fit into a new car. In 1959, the company specially designed protective bags for its brand of canvas handbags and suitcases to prevent these expensive bags from being soiled by dirt on airports and roads.

6. Ipoosi Mommy bag shoulder Multi-function large-capacity Thermal Insulation backpack large-capacity Mother-and-Baby bag handbag Baby Walking Mom bag Fashion Elephant Mommy bag Dream Blue

fancy to a white handbag with tassels. Let